Welcome to my website.

I hope it gives you some insight to my artisic style and personality. Most importantly, you need to know how much I truly love photography and designing images that reflect how unique each person is in this world. 

Always an artist, drawing & painting as a child, I discovered in my early twenties that the camera was an amazing way to capture what I see in people.  Anyone who spends time with me knows that I love life and how people enrich it!  Rather than an artist who captures landscapes or creates dramatic art I prefer to catch the essence of a person, family or event in the images . 

I take pride in providing you with images that capture what is unique about you.  An image that brings out emotion when viewed and will be considered an heirloom or treasured work of art.
I've enjoyed creating these images for clients since 1989 and plan to continue it well beyond the normal age of retirement.   I also now teach a semi private "Nuts & Bolts" photography class which we offer four times a year. It is a real joy to see others get as excited about creating images as I do.

The images in my gallery speak for my photographic style.  However, a complimentary consultation with us will convince you that unending creativity, energy and top notch personalized service for our clients is our style. 

My clients soon discover that I have the ability to make the image your dreaming of become a reality. 
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